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Design Cuts

Haircuts are artistic sculptures! Through thoughtful consideration and consultation, we can execute your target style, or make suggestions which will help bring out your best, while considering realistic maintenance for you at home.  If you desire a look of true artistry in your hairstyle, we deliver this through implementing many specific learned techniques and years of experience.


Multidimensional Coloring and Highlighting

Our main color line is Paul Mitchell, which is a well respected company with high quality, environmentally conscious, and humanely tested products. Through ongoing education on new theories and products as they arise, we remain on the forefront with the most current trends, and maintain expertise in our skills. We can customize a formula(s) for your new look, balance and correct old color, or help you transition into a new target color, or out of your color alltogether for gray-ceful outgrowth! We use several different highlight systems, some of which offer complete tone control in one step, as well as double process coloring, which achieves highest lift with specific tone control, all of which maintain the hair's integrity!

Keratin Complex Before and After

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment is a revolutionary treatment which eliminates frizz, straightens to a degree, and promotes ease of styling by infusing the hair with keratin, a  compound naturally found in the hair. 

Keratin Complex is the most effective treatment of its kind, while maintaining a safety level of 8 times safer than standards set by OSHA. We, and You, can feel confident that there are no harmful fumes emitted during the application of this treatment or heat styling afterwards, while delivering superior results. 

There are 2 levels of intensity for this treatment- The Express Blowout takes a little over an hour and lasts 4-6 weeks, and the regular Intense Smoothing Treatment takes 3 hours or more and lasts 3-5 months. Both achieve a degree of straightening of up to 100%, depending on degree of natural curl. Both eliminate frizz and greatly facilitate styling time and ease, whether heat styling, or air drying. Both levels of treatment must be maintained with the Keratin Complex Shampoo (sold at the salon) in order for results to be guaranteed. Clients testify that both levels of these treatments last significantly longer than the guaranteed time frame!

Inverness Safe Ear Piercing

We use Inverness Safe Ear Piercing System, a system used in many Doctors' offices. Piercing is free with purchase of  piercing studs, all of which are hypoallergenic. Kim, who does the piercing at the salon, has over 20 years experience doing ear and nose piercing at Headliners and at one of her former salons. See menu below for styles and pricing details.

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